Our Vision

Raghuvar Dayal Seva Sansthan vision to provide every facility whether health, awareness, modern farming, education etc. in rural areas. Make them independent for getting all government programs without supporting others.

Our Mission

Raghuvar Dayal Seva Sansthan mission is linking the poor with government programs through its Lift Up India campaign.
Provide proper healthcare in rural areas.
Educate farmers about modern farming.
Provede education in remote areas.
Make farmers to fulfill their basic needs.

Our Accountability

Trust and transparency is important to Raghuvar Dayal Seva Sansthan We seek to honor our position of trust as a facilitator of improving the condition of poor through a high level of accountability.

Our Work

Blanket Distribution

To start with and understand the nitty gritty of operating the charitable activities for the series of the society. The sansthan stared its social activities by blanket distrubution to poor and needy homeless persons in auraiya district on ongoing basis during the seasons of winter.

Financial/Accessories Support to Poor people

The sansthan has taken up the cause of needy patient in auraiya district who are required to regularly undergo different medical treatment procedure the person are young has a family support but his financial position does not allow him to bear theexpenses of medical treatment. Upon recommendations from the physician of government hospital the sansthan has decided to part bear their medical expenses.

Education/Food at the villages/Construction sites of auraiya/Kanpur UP

The sansthan ahas setup a group (camp) who are engaged to provide educational awareness program to poor/street children invillages / town area. A large number of workers are living at the construction sites whose families children are deprived of the very basic education. The sansthan has setup the camp at such sites where it has been provided with the necessary education and some food to attract them to educate. The camp imparts them with the basic education and knowledge and awareness.

Proverty Alleviation

The foundationtries to help the street children by providing them with food/clothes from time to time.

Education/help to farmers

the sansthan has set up a camp which engaged to provide educational awareness program to farmerd in villages and town areas of balli, lakhimpur tahseel etc.the sanstha set uo camp at such areas where it help to educate farmers about new scientific farming skills and provide them insecticides, pesticides fungicides etc. the sansthan has connnectin the poor people and farmers to program of government through lift up india campaign by assisting them through message in their mobile and connect them by sansthan volunteers.

Educatiion Programme to Poor Girls

The sansthan has engaged to provide educational/technical awareness program to poor girls to be self dependent in villages and town area. The sansthan has setup camp to make girls to be self dependent by assisting in learning of stitching, beautypalour course, cooking etc.